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Factors that determine on “How much I can borrow for a home loan”

Unlock Your Dream Home: Learn How to Maximize Your Borrowing Capacity for a Home Loan with Turnkey Finance! Discover the crucial factors, expert tips, and credit score secrets to secure the loan you need and step into your dream home with confidence.
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How to choose the right Investment Property for your portfolio

Choosing the right investment property for your portfolio is important for long-term financial success. Learn more from Turnkey Finance. Call us today!
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Home Loan

Choosing the Right Mortgage: A Comparison of Fixed-Rate Mortgages vs. Variable-Rate Mortgages

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Home Loan

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers in Australia: How to Prepare for Your Mortgage

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Home Loan

Top Factors Lenders Consider When Approving Home Loans

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Home Loan
March 6, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Find The Best Home Loan

There are so many home loans on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding the best home loan for your needs. From interest rates to terms and conditions, we'll show you how to find a loan that's perfect for your budget and lifestyle!
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Home Loan
March 1, 2023

Reasons You Should Consider Refinancing Your Home Loan

There are many reasons you should consider refinancing your home loan. From lowering your monthly payments to consolidating debt, there are plenty of benefits to refinancing. Here are the top five reasons you should refinance now.
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Commercial Loan
February 27, 2023

The Benefits of Obtaining a Commercial Loan for Your company’s Growth Strategy and Profitability

Commercial loans are essential in order to maintain and improve the growth of your business. Learn about all of the different benefits that come with securing a commercial loan, so you can make an informed decision for your company's future. Turnkey Finance is here to help!
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Business Loans
February 21, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Business Loans and Why They Are Critical for Entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur, then you know that having a loan is critical for your success. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about business loans and how to get the best ones for your company. Don't start your business without reading this first!
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February 11, 2023

The First Home Buyers Guide to Finding Your Dream Home

Buying your first home can be a daunting task, but with the right information it can be a breeze. This guide covers everything from finding the right neighborhood for you to getting pre-approved for a loan. Plus, learn about Turnkey Finance and how we can make the process even easier for you.
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Our Testimonials

Dale Norton
We had a great experience with Nick and his team. They made the process super easy and took away all the stress that comes with the financial side of buying a property. There was always clear communication and no issue was too difficult to solve.
Timothy Nolevski
Awesome experience refinancing my home loan with Turnkey Finance. Nick and the team helped me find a better rate with a new provider while still ensuring banking needs were met. Highly recommended!
Steven A
Nick and the team were incredible in catering to our situation and achieving the best outcome possible for us. Home loans can be a tricky beast to manage, however Nick and the team were able to guide us through every step and were incredibly responsive to any deviations in the settlement process. Thanks again Turnkey Finance!
Billy Soria
Nick and the team at Turnkey Finance were extremely professional from start to finish and I would highly recommend their services. I was impressed with their breadth of knowledge, transparency, industry experience, along with how responsive they were to all my queries. They made the whole process seamless and proved to be quite nimble to accommodate my individual circumstances. I would definitely use their services again and recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks Nick!!!
Oralie Wright
Nick and his team are fantastic! They provided us with guidance and professionalism through what was a very long winded process for us. Nick went above and beyond over and over again. There is no doubt we would ever hesitate to use Turnkey Finance in the future. The best experience we have had with a broker!
Brianna McShane
Nick was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and I could not recommend him more highly. As a first home buyer in Sydney, Nick helped me work out what the best options were for my circumstance, provided so much information on the schemes available (First Home Deposit Guarantee Scheme / stamp duty exemption ) and found me a competitive interest rate. He was responsive, genuine, trustworthy and made the bewildering process as a first-timer a lot easier to navigate! Thank you Nick and team!
Dennis Vlachi
Turnkey Finance were excellent. Being self-employed and ex bankers, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy home loan application, however Nick and his team helped us achieve our goals without any stress. They made it happen, kept us informed throughout each stage and steered us in the right direction to the finish line. We are extremely happy and would recommend them to everyone for any financial needs.
AJ Haider
I can't recommend Turnkey Finance enough! I applied for a home loan, and being my first home loan, was unsure of a lot of the steps in the process. Nick took his time to answer my numerous calls and patiently answer every dumb question I had. Hayzel kept me updated with my approval status so I was never left in the dark and guided me in providing the right documentation to the bank. It's a fantastic team I wouldn't think twice in recommending them to all my friends and family!
Michael Zoubourlis
A massive thank you to Nick who has always gone above and beyond for our financing needs! We have been long time clients with him for a range of residential and commercial ventures. His wealth of knowledge and experience, super fast response rate to any sort of queries we might have, and above all his strong ability to negotiate the best deal possible for his clients (which includes ourselves, other members of my family plus associates of ours) are just some the strengths Nick brings to his clients. Coupled with this is his engaging, friendly nature and willingness to always help you, no matter how big or small the ask! We couldn't recommend Nick enough, a 5 star service from start to end!!
Hayley O'Brien
We wouldn't be without Nick and his team on our team. Having absolute trust in your broker is so important and that's exactly what we have with Turnkey. Thanks, once again for everything you guys do for us. Absolute legends!
Nick at Turnkey is the best in the biz ! He has managed to broker the most amazing rates and all with the most calm demeanour which makes what is often a stressful experience, anything but. I cannot recommend his services more highly.
YeoYong Wong
Nick and his team are very dedicated, efficient and very knowledgable. I’m so glad I was introduced to Nick and able to get the refinance deal through. Nick followed up with the incoming bank and always keep my in the loop. I’m highly recommend Nick and Turnkey Finance to anyone.
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